Wheat Designs by Linda BisnettWheat

Where You Can See and Display Our Wheat Designs

Our wheat arrangements are on display in a national cafe-bakery chain of stores with over 1,000 locations. Additionally, you can see our wheat creations on display in the United States Capitol, State Capitol of Oregon, the Pendleton Center for the Arts, local retail stores, many businesses and numerous homes.

Special events call for unique displays and our wheat arrangements provide that look. Unlike a floral arrangement, your long lasting wheat design can be displayed and enjoyed indefinitely. The following are examples of occasions when our wheat is displayed:

Conventions and Meetings

Our wheat arrangements are used as head table/podium displays and table centerpieces at conventions and meetings.


Instead of the use of floral arrangements for weddings, our wheat arrangements are a popular, long lasting display.

Corporate Gifts

As a corporate gift or a gift to someone special, our wheat arrangements are appreciated for their uniqueness.


An arrangement of wheat at a funeral service as a symbolic remembrance for a loved one.